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    The Writing Buzz Rules


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    The Writing Buzz Rules

    Post by Jeremor on Sat May 31, 2014 4:46 pm

    Here's The Rules, busy bees.

    Don't Be A Jerk-Off. Acting like a dick on a forum is very easy. That means that not following rules, being mean, disrespectful and harassing other members is, unfortunately, very common around the internet. We won't allow it here, however. This rule is first on the list because we will be absolutely intolerant of someone who's out to spoil everyone else's fun. If you're asked to stop doing something and you clearly show no indications of listening, you will be banned. That's it.

    To this point, we have a very simple and direct method of moderating our forum. We call it the Three Strike Rule. If you break a rule once then you will likely receive a warning, and from there on the punishment will escalate according to the severity. If we've given you three chances to straighten up your act, then don't expect a fourth. Of course, we will override this three strike rule in special occasions that require immediate banning.

    Writing With Maturity. We allow you to write about sex and nudity on our forum in certain specially marked threads (Mature rated). What we don't allow is pornography. That's a very fine line to define, so it's going to take some explaining. First of all, every roleplay and piece of writing should have a clear plot that involves something besides sex. Romance is okay, but it should actually be about the romance and not smut. There are plenty of other forums that cater to those kinds of things, but this is not one of them.

    Here are some examples of what we do and don't allow;

    Joey unlaced Sarah's shirt and squeezed one of her heaving breasts, while they kissed passionately in the moonlight. They made love through the night.
    - This is a tasteful depiction of sex. It has nudity and even some sexual content, but it is not in graphic detail. 

    Joey took out his throbbing cock and shot cum all over Sarah's face.
    - This is not. Don't do this. If you start talking about throbbing cocks, then chances are good you've strayed into unacceptable territory.

    As a general rule of thumb, if talk has gone into the graphic detail of fluids and liberal use of adjectives like 'veiny', then you are getting far too carried away. We don't need to know all that - you've turned your romance story into porn and therefore broken this rule.

    Another part of this rule is that, because we allow some amount of sexual content and nudity, it also means that we do not allow underaged characters to participate in roleplays such as this. All characters participating in a Mature thread must be 18 years of age or older. There are no exceptions. Scenes of rape and torture are also off-limits. You may allude to it by tastefully showing the aftermath, but no descriptions of the acts themselves.

    Mature Threads.

    If you wish to start a thread that has the potential for mature content like what we describe above, then it must be appropriately tagged with a Mature Thread Label. This will allow all members to immediately see just what sort of content they're in for. Any thread without a mature thread tag that evolves into mature themes may be subject to being closed until it is edited with the appropriate label, and the maker of the thread will be warned or punished.

    This is the mature thread label:

    We reserve the right to close a thread or ban a member for violating this rule, as we see fit.

    Showing Too Much. All pictures on the board (including signatures, avatars, and character appearances) should be appropriate for ages 13 and up. Nothing showing nudity, graphic violence or sexual content will be allowed. This rule is in place because our forum's overall rating is PG-13, although we do also allow certain mature threads.

    Thread Titles. As you browse the forums, you may notice that some of the threads have colored names. Light blue is for guides and information threads, whereas red(like this thread is) is reserved for official rules threads. This lets everyone know how to find exactly what they're looking for in a timely manner. To keep it that way, we forbid the use of colored thread titles by our regular members. Your threads should always be the default color.

    Bumping. Bumping a thread is prohibited unless a minimum of 24 hours has passed since your last post. Additionally, all bumping in the Timewasterzz section is strictly off-limits to avoid spam posts.

    One Account Only. Each of our members is to create only one account for themselves. This single account should be for you, the writer, and not based on any one character or anything. Anyone found to have more than one account will have their newest account banned. However, the exception to this rule is if there are two members who live in the same household with the same IP address. If such a situation occurs, it's your responsibility to PM a member of staff and let us know.

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