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    Cabin In The Woods [OOC]


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    Cabin In The Woods [OOC] Empty Cabin In The Woods [OOC]

    Post by Bee on Sun Jun 01, 2014 3:07 pm

    Cabin In The Woods [OOC] JwvujMp

    One day and one night in a cabin in the woods.

    Six beautiful young college students.

    Five of you will be dead by the end.

    In this nightmarish tale of monsters and beasts your survival and ultimate victory depends on how well you work together and how you deal with potentially deadly situations.

    Terror is the name of the game. You'll be assaulted by creatures you've only ever heard of in movies, books, myths … But don't think you know what's coming. Assume nothing and expect everything. And most importantly of all …

    Don't die.

    So right off the bat I want to point out that even if you haven't seen the movie this is based on, don't worry as it's not a requirement. We'll simply be taking certain elements from the movie to create our own ghoulish little horror story. And it'll certainly be scary, but also simple. Exactly what happens will be based more on your own decisions as players than any predetermined plot. Also, those of you who've seen the movie – prepare to be surprised.

    Now, for how this will work.

    There'll be no beating around the bush - I'm going to do my fucking best to kill you in ugly, gory ways. Your job as a player is to survive for as long as you can. How your character fares is entirely up to you. 

    They'll be placed in situations much like you'll find in an arena battle, but on a larger, more unpredictable scale. Meaning, their survival will be based on how they respond to any given action. In other words; if you godmod, you're killed off. If you metagame, you're killed off. If you go Super Saiyan and blow up the surrounding area with a Kamehameha wave, you're killed off.

    But if you react fairly and take advantage of the opportunities you're given, you'll thrive – you'll be rewarded.

    .: Rules :.

    .: Absolutely no godmodding or metagaming. This is the golden rule, the one that if you break, you get a warning. Three strikes and you're out – I kill you off right then and there. There'll be no exceptions.

    .: In keeping with the godmodding rule; Just because you know the premise of this roleplay doesn't mean your character does. They're caught, unbeknownst, in an awful horror movie and have no clue what's befalling them. Keep their reactions realistic.

    .: I ask that your posts are 1 – 2 paragraphs long. No more, no less. This is to keep the flow of the RP constant and going at a good speed. The exception to this is co-posts, which I encourage you to use if you'd like more interaction amongst yourselves.

    .: If you happen to split off from the group your posts must be placed in spoilers to keep them secret from the other players.

    .: Unless your character is alone and only interacting with me, you need to wait for two people to post before you can do so again. This is to make sure that no one gets ahead of anyone else.

    .: If you're unable to post for three or more days, please notify me. If you disappear for five days I'll move your character myself, and if you still haven't returned after a week or so I'll be forced to kill you off. I'll of course give you more time if you have a good reason for being absent, such as no internet.

    .: Yes, this will be about a group of attractive, virile young people. But it's a horror first and foremost. Some flirting is allowed, but it won't be a dominant feature. I'm a bit of a prude when it comes to sex in RP's, so none of that.

    .: No reserving roles. First come, first serve. If the CS you put up is acceptable, the role is yours.

    .: There will only be one character per role, meaning a maximum of six players.

    .: Available Roles :.

    The Harlot
    .: The Harlot is the female of the group that has a beautiful body and knows it. She is commonly useless in regards to real-world skills, though often quite athletic and charismatic. Normally not being very brave, she is manipulative and has a good grasp of how to get men to do what she wants.

    The Athlete
    .:The Athlete is the stupid jock of the group. For what the Athlete lacks in book learnin' and tact, he makes up for in sheer athletic skill and leadership. Quite proud and brave, the Athlete can often be stubborn about admitting anything is wrong in the first place.

    The Scholar
    .:The Scholar is the nerdy one of the group. Of all the group, the Scholar has the brains to make a good plan and not fall into any stupid traps. Being the cautious one of the group, he may try to advise his friends... but he lacks the charisma to really make his voice heard, at times.

    The Virgin
    .: The Virgin is the pure female of the group, usually quite intelligent and a little more athletic than the Scholar. Her skill lays in detecting when things have gone bad and making sure her friends are cared for. The Virgin usually has skill in a pure goodly hobby that might prove useful to the group.

    The Fool
    .: The Fool is the comedic effect for the entire group. In most real areas, he is effectively useless for anything except for making jokes and keeping everyone calm. He can prove to be somewhat athletic and not quite as stupid as the Athlete, but usually has a complete lack of helpful ideas. He does have lots of jokes, though.

    The Punk
    .: The Punk is the epitome of counter-culture and spur of the moment fads that make him/her feel edgy and unique. These are the sorts of people you'd see proclaiming the ideals of the communist party while wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt, and trying to shove their copious drug use into every possible conversation. This role is somewhere between a fool and a scholar, being intelligent about all things involving Sticking It To The Man but extremely prone to hating conventionally useful thinking in favor of being different. They could have some athletic skill, and will very commonly be carrying items that a normal person might never think to bring on an idyllic vacation in the country... usually spikey dangerous items. Whoa! So cool!

    .: Character Sheet Skeleton :.

    Role: (Harlot, Athlete, Scholar, Virgin, Fool, Punk)
    Age: (19 – 23)
    Appearance: (Realistic picture and physical description. Build, height, and any scars or tattoos should be listed here.)
    Personality: (Needs to fit well with your chosen role.)
    Hobbies and skills: (Do they play any sports? What are they good at? Any skills that could be useful? Within reason, of course.)
    History: (Not a lot of detail needed - one paragraph will do. Here is where you explain what they're studying and why.)

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