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    Post by Jeremor on Thu Jun 12, 2014 6:50 pm

    Check out these characters, dawg.

    Draconian Bonds - Gerrick & Orhmur:


    Name: Sir Gerrick Hitzig

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male


    At 6'2 and built for war, Gerrick is an imposing figure of a man. In his armor he becomes downright frightening. The red knight wouldn't quite be considered hulking, but he is large and muscled from the brutal training of his order. They're bred for war, same as their dragons, and it shows in their callused hands and stony solid bodies. There are bigger knights in Fafneria for sure, and stronger too, but Gerrick rates pretty well.

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    Has many nicks and scars, and even a healed burn wound on his thighs. His nose is slightly crooked, as though having been broken. Though he has a handsome face, it's obvious that he's been through a battering.

    Knight Order: Red

    Personality: Brash and loud, headstrong, stubborn, macho... Gerrick fits in well with his red knight buddies. He enjoys fighting and bloodshed, never backing down from a fight even when it's totally unnecessary. If something doesn't really have much of a direct purpose, he has trouble wrapping his mind around it. This isn't due to a lack of intelligence(probably), but rather due to a lack of patience. He wants the things he wants and he wants to have them now.

    History: Gerrick Hitzig was born to the prestigious family of Hitzig's, which has resided in the land of Fafneria for many generations now. Story's say that they were among some of the first dragonknights, back when you had a much higher chance of being eaten than accepted in a bond. Gerrick, though, had the luxury of modern advances in dragon taming society. After being squired to a respected Red Dragonknight for two years, largely due to his father's substantial clout and intense pressuring, Gerrick was declared ready for bonding and sent off to the royal breeding grounds.

    Again, due to his family name and expectations, he was not even given the opportunity to look at any dragons that weren't red. This wasn't something that really annoyed him, since he preferred to uphold the tradition anyway, but it was a little awkward. It took him three days of meeting every newborn dragon before it happened.

    Orhmur was alone in her clutch. Dragons in general have little familial ties, but red's take it to another level. They've been known to eat their brothers and sisters at birth. Well, rather than this having happened, Orhmur was instead an outcast from her clutch. Gerrick found her off to the side of the caves, devouring rats and snakes, and the bond washed over him like a burning village. There was no turning back from that point. He carried Orhmur out(no easy feat, red hatchlings are like porcupines) and was knighted as a Dragonknight of the Red Order.

    His dragon, meanwhile, grew up from a lanky mongrel into one of the largest red's in the entire kingdom... and also one of the most bloodthirsty. The two of them have been inseparable ever since, aside from the month after Gerrick forgot to wear his fire-resistant saddle-padding... but that's a story for another time. In the following years, he gained himself a name as a warrior from a proud family.

    Though he, like most Red's, thirsts for a war to prove his ferocity in... he is kept occupied with some of the most dangerous of escort and guarding missions. Strangely, it seems like he's always being sent out to the edge of the kingdom... far away from important flammable things.


    Name: Orhmur

    Age: 12

    Color: Red

    Appearance: Orhmur is gigantic by most measurements. She stands as tall as a castle wall and more thick than a gatehouse, and likely a great deal more durable than both. Her scales are very pointy and sharp, but they dull to the comparison to her fagged array of fanged teeth. She is easily 60 feet long, from snout to tail. Her tail, by the way, contains black thorny spikes perfect for impaling things. Every single part of her seems designed to do harm.

    *touches self, sizzles*

    Abilities: Extremely hot fire breath, hard volcanic scales that radiate heat.

    Personality: Foul-tempered, blunt, direct, arrogant, easily enraged... Orhmur does not have an ounce of subtlety in her gigantic red body. She is the sort of dragon that makes you remember exactly how terrifying it would be to have a bunch of these things running around all willy-nilly. She would be right at home roasting a city to the ground and chomping on everything that breathed, were it not for her bond with a human. Even this can only barely keep her rage and primal instincts in check.

    History: When Orhmur was born, her egg rolled off of the nest and into a dark recess. Perhaps it didn't roll there but instead was pushed out, that is the theory she believes. Either way, this instilled in her a deeply feral instinct that the Dragon Tamers were quite wary of. On the day that Gerrick, her human, walked into those dreary tunnels and bonded with her... the Tamer's were just beginning to contemplate putting an end to the wild Orhmur before she got big enough to burn the whole kingdom down.

    Having been unwittingly saved from that fate, Orhmur grew up quickly and viciously alongside her master. She grew to love him, in a sense, which is as much as any red Dragonknight can ever hope for. There was no human in the entire world that could command her as Gerrick did, and his presence is all that has kept her tame over the years.

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    Posts : 310
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    Post by Jeremor on Fri Jun 20, 2014 3:58 pm

    Iesada Kenshin:
    NAME: Iesada Kenshin

    RACE: Shinigami

    HOME: Squad 13 Barracks

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    HEIGHT: 6'3

    SKILLS: Kenshin excels greatly in swordsmanship, particularly the art of Iaido. His hand-to-hand skills are not to be underestimated either, as well as his skill with some Kido techniques.

    WEAKNESSES: He is not the best shunpo practitioner in the Seireitei, and perhaps even lacking when compared to the average squad lieutenant. Also, his body is not particularly durable.

    OCCUPATION: Joint Third Seat of Squad 13

    HOBBIES: Painting, poetry, reading, meditation, training, and cooking.

    OTHER: Formerly from the 6th squad, Kenshin left captain Kuchiki's service in order to fill out the 13th squad upon Kaien's death. This move was volunteered by Kenshin himself from some desire to learn from a more open and kind captain, which he hoped would help him retain his emotions. While he appreciated the importance of duty that he'd learned from captain Kuchiki, he didn't wish to become such a cold person. Due to how smoothly all parties agreed, there isn't any lasting bad blood between him and the 6th squad.

    He respects captain Ukitake a great deal and would defend his honor to the death, without hesitation. While he's been told that he's still a bit too serious about that kind of stuff, he holds on to that strong sense of honor and pride.

    ZANPAKUTO NAME: Raitoningu

    ZANPAKUTO APPEARANCE UNRELEASED: It is an old-fashioned katana, with a simple round guard that has little designs that look like clouds. The sheathe is a reddish wood that's very hard, without any designs or anything. It's extremely rare to find him without it strapped to his side.

    ZANPAKUTO SHIKAI RELEASE COMMAND: Kenshin sheathes his sword slowly and says, "Strike, Raitoningu!"

    ZANPAKUTO APPEARANCE RELEASED/SHIKAI: Very few have ever caught a real glimpse of exactly what Raitoningu looks like when it is released, because it is usually sheathed. The only time it is visible is when it is striking out and Kenshin's slashes are so quick that it takes tremendous ability to actually see anything but a blur. Those few that are fast enough to witness it, though, would see a glowing katana blade transformed into pure blue-purple-white light. The sword becomes entirely composed of raw reiatsu.

    ZANPAKUTO SHIKAI SPECIAL ABILITIES: When released, Kenshin can fire projectiles of energy by drawing and slashing Raitoningu at the air. These projectiles are composed of the actual spirit energy from the blade itself, firing off from the sword, and then being replenished back into the blade every time it is sheathed again. The shape of the projectile is dependent upon Kenshin's attack with it: A verticle slash will create a sort of crescent-moon shape that will speed forward through the air. A horizontal slash will create the same effect, but horizontal. A thrust will shoot out an arrow of energy at high speed. These projectiles are powerful, but he must sheathe his sword between shots(of which, at his current power, he can fire about four of before he must sheathe).

    OTHER: Because it is composed of raw reiatsu, Raitoningu's blade can never actually be 'broken' while in Shikai state. Sheathing the sword will always repair the blade anew. However, if the sheathe is destroyed, that power is lost... and who knows WHAT THE HELL would happen!(Certainly not Kenshin, that's never happened to him before.)

    ZANPAKUTO SPIRIT APPEARANCE: Raitoningu's spirit is a ghostly set of samurai armor, that moves as if possessed but does not actually have anyone or anything inside of it. It wears itself on it's hip, a mighty katana, and has the air of a fearsome warlord. Occasionally, during certain troubled times in Kenshin's inner world, Raitoningu is splattered with blood. (Picture Here )

    ZANPAKUTO SPIRIT PERSONALITY: Raitoningu is implacable and stoic, unfeeling and uncaring. He does not care how Kenshin is feeling, he does not care about what is happening around them, and he offers no words of comfort. All that matters to him is battle and he expects Kenshin to keep him well supplied with powerful opponents to defeat. Occasionally, he will speak up with a word of tactical wisdom, but most often he is just a presence... his emotions felt by sheer aura, not words.

    If he feels Kenshin is failing in his duty as a warrior, he will try to kill him.

    ZANPAKUTO'S INNER WORLD: "Lone survivor in a field of death, with defeat evident all around him."

    Kenshin's inner world is a giant battlefield. An expanse of grassy hills nestled between misty mountains, in an eerily serene Japanese countryside. When things are calm, it is simply a field, with army camps(tents, wooden palisades, and the strategic planning area(Click here )) set up, but no one in them. Raitoningu's spirit form can often be found wandering the battlefield or sitting in one of these encampments, as if he was a general commanding the army.

    When in great distress, in the midst of battle or tragedy or whatever else, this battlefield becomes strewn with mangled bodies and destruction. A horrific battle between two great sides, in which no one came out the victor. The army camps will look like they've been pillaged, burnt down, torn to shreds... and Raitoningu will be splashed with blood, as if he was responsible for the carnage.

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