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    Mature Thread Apotheosis OOC

    Post by Jeremor on Sat May 31, 2014 8:29 pm

    Rated M for whatever I want to come up with, 'cause I don't feel like worrying about a rating system. There will be gore, there will be swearing, there will be some light sexual situations(maybe). That's about it.

    [url=The IC Thread!]The IC Thread![/url]

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    Such a terrible name for what was to be the hope and dreams of humanity, the future of our race amongst the stars. A planet in the perfect habitable zone, with the perfect sun, and the perfect atmosphere. Earth's twin sister. But to reach this unsoiled paradise, we would need the grandest of vessels. An Ark of biblical proportions in an age without bibles or churches. Though, there were still gods and worship of those gods. These deities were tangible, and their miracles were science. If whatever gods before these had chosen not to get it right, now it was the turn for men to create themselves in whatever image they desired. Masterpieces of flesh and plastic intertwined, sculptures of bone and metal. This was the time of beautiful and infallible science.

    The Elysium, dubbed an "Edenship" as though there would be more, was this ark. How hopeful the human race is, such optimists when it came to their own glories. Plastering their mortal creations with names from dead cultures and forgotten religions in some manner of cosmically smug joke. This first and last Edenship was built with every ounce of technology from all the peoples of our humble blue planet. Pooled resources the likes of which no project in human history had seen. Geniuses of science, walking gods in their own right, poured all their creations onto this behemoth of science. Like a mosquito, it bloated larger and larger with every experimental(though, we were assured, it was completely tested and safe) new idea. So large it needed a special spacedock built orbiting Earth, a floating city of millions for the sole purpose of constructing the dreams of mankind into a spaceship. It took twenty years to complete.

    - The Galactic Standard year 2635, Elysium is completed.
    - 2638 GS, the Edenship's passengers were chosen. The greatest representatives of our time boarded their Ark. They launched, hurtling into the black curtain of space toward that one sparkling little diamond that held Kepler-22b on it's brim.

    - Two months later, all contact was lost.

    - 2645 GS, Elysium was found.

    The Edenship Elysium:
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    Length: 2,523 km
    Population: 3,000,000(At time of departure)

    When the Elysium was lost, the people of Earth continued to hope for a time that it was simply a malfunction of the communications. Interference or some other unsatisfying explanation. They continued to dream. As seven years passed by, the Elysium faded from memory while situations of Earth only deteriorated. The workers on the mighty spacedock used to construct the Edenship were eventually sent home to earth, their purpose over... but, after twenty years, could you really call it their home anymore? Instability was inevitable. Riots, overcrowding, corruption, and economic depression. The greatest project ever finished by man's hand had been a failure, and all those resources and time spent on it now took it's toll on Earth. What would have been their salvation instead helped speed them along to oblivion.

    Just in the darkest of hours on Earth, seven years to the day since contact was lost, the Elysium called out. A distress beacon suddenly activated in the dead of space, halfway between Earth and their destination of Kepler-22b. It allowed mankind to begin hoping again and forgetting their worldly troubles. The politicians cried that this man-made heaven would not be lost to space forever. The pride of humanity would be rescued, repaired, or at least put to rest properly. Other optimists predicted that it was perfectly possible for the three million aboard the vessel to still be alive, waiting for rescue, and the mission for Kepler-22b could be resumed. The plan was made to form a small initial scouting party, to board the Elysium and ascertain it's condition. A crew of a handful of experts, hand-picked for the mission, to arrive before the rest of humanity's repair or salvage fleet.


    Alright, welcome to the mature sci-fi roleplay Apotheosis. I hope you enjoyed the in-character background, I hope it gave you a sense of just what sort of world we're trying to make here, but now it's time for me to lay out some of the specifics.

    I will be running this roleplay in a purely GM sense. The Elysium will be a sandbox for you to explore, and learn the 'story' of the ship in whatever way you choose. Whenever a new area is explored, I will detail what the area looks like and try to give you points of interest. I will then respond to the actions of the characters as needed, until the group moves on from that area. Yes, the party can split up, but please throw me a bone and don't ALL go in 8 different directions. You're a team, you should try to stick together.


    First things first, lets talk about characters. Hopefully you're just raring to go whip one up, but hold yer horses partner! We got some stuff to get outta the way first.

    - Initially, you will all be playing as members of this scouting crew boarding the Elysium. You will each fulfill a general role, a specialty. Later on there will be the opportunity to create very different sorts of characters.

    Age: (generalized is fine, just let us know how many wrinkles to expect)
    Appearance: (Text or Image is fine)
    Specialty Role: (The role on the crew your character will fulfill. Android, Scientist, Soldier, Engineer, or Medic. Make sure to work it into your background.)
    Personality: (Let us know what to expect. Is your character the gruff veteran or the dorky nerd.)
    Extra: (Anything else you want to let us know)

    - We will be accepting up to 8 characters in this roleplay, but will make do with at least 4.

    Engineer(limit of 2) -
    Medic(limit of 2) -
    Scientist(limit of 2) -
    Soldier(limit of 1) -
    Andoid(limit of 1) -

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