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    Post by Bee on Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:38 pm

    The Rules OX7gwMt

    As ever, all forum rules apply.

    However here we have some Hogwarts: Beyond the War specific rules. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with them before you jump in.

    1. Let the Dead Rest.
    You may not play any characters that have died in the books. Ghosts are rare, however I will allow a few of those provided you understand they won't play very large parts in the story.

    2. Family Shmamily.
    You may not create relations of existing canon characters. In other words, there is no long lost Weasley sibling nobody ever mentioned, and Harry was definitely an only child.

    3. Special Snowflakes.
    This can also be known as the Mary Sue Rule. Characters with record high grades, rare abilities, unique lineages or other such fantastical qualities will be considered 'perfect' and won't be accepted without modification.

    4. Pew Pew, You're Dead.
    Nobody has the right to kill off or seriously harm someone else's character. Any and all deaths will be decided by me, the GM. If you wish to have your character leave the PW, you may contact me and we'll sort it out in a way that won't adversely effect the plot.

    5. Juggling The Workload.
    You're allowed a maximum of three OC characters and two canon claims. I do advise that you choose your characters wisely, as this limit is iron clad and won't be extended.

    6. Toil and Trouble.
    With the use of spells and combat, we'll be going with an 'assume nothing' system. For example, if Character A fired Stupefy at Character B it would go something like this; "Character A fired Stupefy at Character B, and if it hit he would quickly run forward and snatch the wand away from his unconscious opponent." This leaves room for Character B to dodge the spell if he chooses to. Keep in mind, though, that not everybody can dodge every single spell flung at them. Try to keep things as fair as you can.

    7. You Did What?
    This PW has a plot. It's not an open world and your characters won't be expected to fill their time with silly romance, schoolwork, juvenile rivalries and other such fluffy things. You will be gently guided in certain directions by planned events and interactions. Therefor, I expect you as players to display some level of maturity and a willingness to adapt to unexpected situations.

    The Rules StUOjNZ
    Set by my love, Jeremor

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