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    Superhero 1x1 [Jeremor x Greg]


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    Mature Thread Superhero 1x1 [Jeremor x Greg]

    Post by Jeremor on Thu Jun 19, 2014 10:31 pm

    Rated mature for... well, probably like, punching villains in the face and stuff? And witnessing their heinous plots and terrible masterplans unfold? I'm not real sure yet, but we'll figure it out.

    Whoaaa, I finally made an OOC thread for us to plan this stuff out! How about that?

    So, to recap, we would like a...

    - Superhero roleplay, batman style
    - Each play a vigilante hero, which are then thrown together.
    - Realistic and maybe gritty kinda setting.
    - Create and play eachother's supervillains

    Is that about all that we discussed so far?

    I'm gonna start really thinking hard about the whole plot for our dudes, and I'd love if you did the same, and we can just spitball here until we've got something that we like. Sound good? As of right now all I can really think is that I'd love a very arkham-esque city, huge and dirty, and for there to be some sort of event that our characters must join forces to combat. Maybe both of their supervillains deciding to team up? How does that sound?

    Superhero 1x1 [Jeremor x Greg] SoVR8oe
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    Greg The Awesome One
    Greg The Awesome One

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    Mature Thread Re: Superhero 1x1 [Jeremor x Greg]

    Post by Greg The Awesome One on Sat Jun 21, 2014 9:49 pm

    All looks good to me. Guess we need a title, too.

    Whoa, just got an idea. How about we set the roleplay in Gotham, but somewhat in the future. Like, after Batman and that whole lot have retired. Just fyi, when I think of Batman I always see the Nolan versions.

    As for the villains pairing up, I don't know if I want that yet. Kind of hoped to get to know our heroes a bit before we got into the big bad stuff. Just to get into things.

    Superhero 1x1 [Jeremor x Greg] OJFWV0s

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